I just got in a Sapporo tap handle (also known as a beer pull) from another collector. I had been wanting to add one to my collection for a while and it’s in the top 10 most asked about taps for umbrellas. Even if it’s not for me I’ll enjoy it for a little while.

This super cool tap handle, for this yummy lager, is made by Tap Handles, one of the largest custom taps manufacturers. They do everything from design work to production and from the conversations I’ve had with them, seem to be a great, creative crew.

Somewhere along the way, a person got creative with their Japanese translation. The Daily Meal did a post about some of the wackiest tap handles and they included the Sapporo Katana tap handle in the list. Now, this is where it gets interesting. According to The Daily Meal “the characters translate to “Sapporo Beer” in Japanese”. They’re saying that Sapporo USA consulted with the Japanese Cultural Society so this “translation” could have come from almost anywhere. 

Sapporo Katana Tap from The Daily Meal Article

The Sapporo Katana beer tap from an article The Daily Meal wrote about the 25 wackiest beer tap handles.

I can tell you for a fact the Japanese characters on this beer tap say something different. Can you figure out the correct translation?

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