Part of the purpose of starting RainTaps was to give back to the Craft Beer community and in doing so I’ve had a number of people ask about donating tap handles. What should they do if a brewery closed down? What should they do with tap handles when a beer has been discontinued or the beer tap handle has been updated? What should they do with old taps if a bar closes down?

When to donate beer tap handles
How to donate beer taps handles
What groups and charities are supported by donating beer tap handles

When to donate beer tap handles

Generally, beer tap handles can be donated if the beer is no longer in rotation and won’t be returning into rotation. That means that a beer tap handle can be donated when a brewery goes out of business, when a beer is discontinued and won’t be returning, or when a beer tap handle has been replaced with an updated tap handle.

If you’re not sure if a beer or tap handle has been discontinued it’s best to check with the brewery or your distributor. With some beers the taps are designed so they can be reused or updated with the release of a new beer.

For example Samuel Adams seasonal beer tap handles have a paper insert that can be changed for the beer that’s on tap and can be updated for new beer releases. That would mean that, those seasonal tap handles should be kept if it’s the current design.

Similarly, the larger beer tap handles from Bell’s have a globe topper that can be updated when a new beer is on tap. That means that even if the beer for the globe is permanently discontinued the base can still be reused.

How to donate tap handles

There are a few ways to donate beer tap handles.
Common ways are donating to RainTaps, donating to Goodwill, or auctioning the taps and donating the proceeds.

If you want to donate tap handles to RainTaps first contact me at And give me an idea of the collection of taps that you’re looking to donate.
If you’re in the Boston area I don’t have a limit on the number of taps that you can donate. Once I have an idea of the taps that you have to donate we can work out the pickup of the taps.
If you’re outside of the Boston area I’ll generally only take collections of 5 or more tap handles. This is because I’ll cover the cost of shipping for you and if there aren’t enough taps in a shipment there won’t be enough profit to donate.
With any taps that are donated 100% of the profits will be donated to charities and non-profits.

Goodwill donations are the easiest option.
If you’re going to donate taps to Goodwill make sure that you go through your collection first to make sure you’re only donating taps that should be donated.

Auctioning the taps will be the most time consuming but can still be a good option for some people.
Ebay is typically the easiest route for this. If you don’t have an established account it’s generally best to have someone who’s an established ebay seller list the items for you.
With rare taps those can be auctioned individually.
Common taps are often best sold as a lot.
Once you’ve sold the taps you can donate the profits to the charity of your choice!

What groups and charities are supported by donating beer tap handles

At RainTaps, first and foremost we support the craft beer community as well at the restaurant community.
Because of this profits from donated taps are in turn donated to brewer’s guilds across the US, and restaurant organizations like Restaurant Employees Relief Fund.
We’re also happy to donate a portion of the profits to a non-political non-religious charity of your choice if you’re donating taps.

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