Because beer tap handle collecting is a relatively niche portion of beer memorabilia collecting there can be limited information about how to get started, where to buy beer tap handles, and how much the tap handles should cost.

The general rule of beer tap handle collecting is that the the amount that you’re willing to pay for a beer tap handle is the amount that tap handle is worth. While that’s a good yard stick for the value of a beer tap handle there can still be cases where new collectors end up paying more for tap handles than they should.

One of the reasons for this is not having a good resource to find out the original cost of the tap handles. To help solve this I’m compiling a list of breweries that sell their tap handles and guideline pricing for their tap handles.

A few things to note about this guide:
Breweries may change the price of their tap handles
The cost of the tap handles from a brewery may vary by design
Tap handle inventories are typically limited
Reference prices are based on non-sale pricing
Shipping costs will vary by brewery and aren’t included in the reference pricing

If you see any information that should be updated let me know at

Maine Beer Tap Handle Price Guide

Allagash Brewing Company – $29
Geary Brewing Company – $18
Maine Beer Company – $33
Sea Dog Brewing Company – $25
Sebago Brewing Company – $30
Shipyard Brewing Co. – $35

Vermont Beer Tap Handle Price Guide

Burlington Beer Company – $65
Lawson’s Finest Liquids – $40
Switchback Brewing – $45
Zero Gravity Craft Brewery – $32

New Hampshire Beer Tap Handle Price Guide

Pipe Dream Brewing – $50
Stark Brewing Company – $85
Great North Aleworks – $40
Henniker Brewing Company – $29.95
Tuckerman Brewing Company – $30

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