I’d love to have you carry RainTaps umbrellas in your store!

First a little about what I look for in retailers.
I’m a huge supporter of local first. Part of the reason why I started making these umbrellas was to support and promote local breweries and I want to have my umbrellas in shops that have the same mission.

If you carry local, craft, and vintage products than I almost definitely would like to have a few umbrellas in your shop.

Currently I have three different price levels for the umbrellas that I offer. All of the umbrellas that I offer come with a high quality umbrella body, the primary difference is the tap handles that I use.


These are common taps and brands. Most of these are beers that would be readily available at any bar so it’s a lot easier for me to secure the tap handles. Sometimes these will also be less common beers that have generic tap handles. Examples of these are Sam Adams, Miller, Berkshire Brewing Company, Stroh’s, Budweiser, and Coors.
Prices for these umbrellas are typically $79.99 and can range up to $89.99.


When a tap is harder to find or more desirable then it falls into the premium category. These taps may be limited runs, uncommon or regional beers, taps that are unique, or brands where drinkers are more likely to buy the taps. Some figural taps fall into this category. Examples of these are Goose Island, PBR, Ommegang, and Vintage Sam Adams.
Prices for these umbrellas are typically $99.99 and can rage up to $109.00.


When a tap is particularly unique, hard to find or has a complex design than it will typically fall into the specialty category. These taps are actively sought out by collectors, have complex figural designs, use unique materials or can be hard to find vintage taps. Examples of these are Coronado, Sweetwater, Palm, Stone, and vintage Michelob.

Prices for these umbrellas start out at $119 and range up to $149.99


Custom Request

I also produce some umbrellas by custom request where I will find a tap handle that a client is looking for, restore it if needed and convert it into an umbrella. These are done on a case by case basis and an estimate will be provided before I start the process.

Want to carry our tap handle umbrellas in your store?
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