To create the best most stylish tap handle umbrella we use only the best umbrellas that we can find. There are many different styles of umbrellas what are they and how did we end up with the options that we currently have?

Umbrella styles

Golf Umbrella

An oversized umbrella intended to be carried around in your golf bag just in case your prayers for rain are answered. These umbrellas are particularly large to leave a large dry area around you and your invisible friend as your caddy holds it over your head and gets rained on.
We don’t currently carry umbrellas of this size, pick up a Doorman umbrella instead for a comparable experience, except with a doorman instead of a caddy.

Doorman Umbrella

Larger in both length and span than the classic umbrella this size umbrella is big enough to keep you and a guest dry. If your guest forgot to rsvp for the event just slip the doorman a 20 and everything will be taken care of.
This length of umbrella is a comfortable walking length for someone 5’10” – 6’2″. This is the standard size of our umbrellas with the base of the umbrella measuring 32″ tall with most tap handles adding 7 – 10 inches.

Classic Umbrella

The classic umbrella or regular stick umbrella is ideal for one lonely person walking all alone in the rain or one person that’s hogging the dry area with the other person desperately trying to keep up with them. Make sure you don’t walk too fast, that’s just mean.
When not in use this length of umbrella is a good walking hight for someone around 5’6″ – 5’9″. This length of umbrella is available on select models of our umbrellas. The base of the umbrella will measure about 29″ tall and most tap handles will add 7 – 10 inches to the height.

Mini or Wedding Umbrella

It’s like a classic umbrella but smaller! It’s also a more celebratory umbrella because the shorter span of the canopy reduces the chances of horrible accidents with the eyes of your neighbors. Just wide enough to keep you dry, you can recommend that the person getting soaked in the rain next to you go buy one of their own.
As a shorter umbrella this is a good option for someone looking for a (slightly) more portable means of staying dry or aroudn 5’4″ – 5’7″ looking for a walking height umbrella. The base of this umbrella will measure about 27″ tall and we typically pair it with tap handles that are 5 – 7 inches tall making for an even more compact size overall.


The folding umbrella is a particularly broad category that encompasses a number of different designs. The folding umbrella is distinguished by a main shaft that telescopes or collapses to a smaller size. Many automatic umbrellas fall into the folding category and very small umbrellas such as the pocket umbrella also fall into this category. We do not offer folding umbrellas at this time.

Our Umbrellas

For our umbrellas we’ve opted for the classic umbrella. We carry two primary designs for our umbrellas, one longer more traditional umbrella and one shorter slightly more modern umbrella. Our more traditional umbrellas are available in classic muted colors, black, dark blue, and maroon. Our more modern umbrellas are available in a few classic colors and some more modern ones, black, dark blue, blue, orange, maroon, red, rainbow and purple.