It’s been an absolutely brutal year for the Boston music scene.
Many of us have been glued to sites like Vanyaland and Eater Boston following updates on the drama around Great Scott losing their home of decades.

ONCE Somerville
The sign at ONCE Somerville

With their closing we knew that it was a matter of when, not if other venues would also be forced to shut their doors permanently. And now ONCE is officially on the list of venues that have had to officially, permanently close their doors.

With JJ and crew scrambling to move everything out of the space I got a message from one of my friends that was helping out. Since I’m the tap handle guy, could I do anything with a box (it turned out to be two boxes) of tap handles. The answer was, of course, let’s do something to help ONCE so that when the dust settles they can re-open and find a new home.

What we’re doing is we’re selling all of the taps that ONCE needed to dispose of as custom bottle openers. All of these taps will have a special black bottle opener attachment (because it’s metal) and 100% of the profits will be going to the team from ONCE so they can use it towards a future reopening.

As I’m going through the taps they be listed on the Raintaps Etsy store in three batches on 12/16, 12/19, and 12/21. All of the listings will be in a special ONCE section of the Raintaps Etsy store ( I know that these dates are super close to Christmas and with that in mind all orders will be shipping via USPS Priority and I’ll be trying to have all orders shipped out by the end of the day after their ordered.
Hopefully, these custom bottle openers will be a great way for everyone to remember their great times at ONCE and keep their spirits up until it can re-emerge from the ashes of the quarantine.

For those that are looking for other ways that they can remember ONCE and support the local music community, please contribute to the ONCE Patreon here

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