TLDR: Until May 31st (and longer if needed) I’m giving 100% of profits to Covid-19 response including Restaurant Employees Relief Fund and US Brewers Guilds. I’m also encouraging all orders to go through my Etsy shop to help promote other small businesses.

When I started RainTaps I was driven by my passion for creating things and my love for craft beer. I’ve been enjoying craft beer for all of my adult life and I’ve been lucky enough to live in a location with a thriving beer scene.
As I’ve been building out my business I’ve had the chance to interact with, and have the support of, wonderful people at Shipyard Brewing, NOLA Brewing, Down the Road Beer Co and many others. I’ve also worked with local gift shops, barber shops, hat shops, not to mention all of the great staff and vendors at the Greenway Market and SOWA.

Right now I happen to be in a fortunate position where my day job allows me to pay my rent and health insurance, but many breweries and small businesses don’t know how long they’ll be feeling the effects of the quarantine. Because of this 100% of the profits from RainTaps will be going directly to financial support for businesses and individuals that have been impacted by Covid-19.

Here’s a list of recommended organizations if you feel like making a donation as well:
Restaurant Employees Relief Fund
Restaurant Workers Community Foundation
James Beard Foundation Food and Beverage Relief Fund
Feeding America
Brewer’s Guilds

If you are placing a RainTaps order please place it through my Etsy store ( Etsy is an amazing partner for small and independent businesses and who knows, maybe you’ll find a crafter that’s making the perfect face mask or other protective gear!

If you happen to have old tap handles that you’re looking to donate please let me know. All of the profits will be donated to the Covid-19 response funds and I can help arrange shipping/delivery as needed. Both Facebook ( and Instagram ( are good ways to contact me or you can send me an email at

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