Welcome to RainTaps!
If you’re reading this you’re probably wondering what I sell (spoiler, I sell custom umbrellas and beer gifts) or how you can buy them.

What I Sell

I make and I sell custom umbrellas and beer gifts. I primarily work with repurposed beer tap handles hence the name RainTaps. I started creating out creating custom umbrellas because I wanted a high-quality umbrella that I would actually want to use. While I could find umbrellas that cost $150 to $300 dollars, they would have nothing more interesting than a hooked wooden handle. The more interesting umbrellas were nothing more than kid’s toys. Then it dawned on me that a beer tap handle would make an absolutely epic umbrella handle!

As was making and selling custom umbrellas I got a lot of request for other beer gifts, and other gifts that didn’t specifically relate to beer. I now offer custom tap handle umbrellas, tap handle bottle openers, tap handle ice cream scoops and more. For other custom items I also make pokeball umbrellas and bottle openers, shift knob umbrellas and bottle openers and more.

How to Buy Custom Umbrellas and Other Beer Gifts

You can buy any of the custom gifts that I sell online. In the online store, you’ll find my signature beer tap umbrellas, beer tap handle bottle openers, and other custom beer gifts. The custom beer gifts that I make are also in select retailers or you can buy them from me in person at open markets and pop-up events. Because of the range of tap handles that I work with it may be easiest to send me an email at for advice on the best beer gift for your situation.

Harpoon UFO Bottle Openers


Ben Lewis

While I've only been creating these custom tap handles for a little while I already have customers that are loving them! Here's what a few of them have to say.


Proud new owner of a Boston Marathon umbrella.

"I had days where I didn't want to bring an umbrella with me because I never had one that was fun and interesting, so I wouldn't bring anything at all. I'm so glad I have this umbrella now, it's better than any umbrella I've had and I'm so excited to show it off!"


Random Guy on the T

"Why do you have a phone as an umbrella... oh wait it's not a phone it's a tap handle.. but, that, um still doesn't explain why it's an umbrella"


Generally cool dude

"Ben is great, and I love the umbrella! This was an awesome find."

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