How to buy the Perfect Gift

I’m here to help you find the perfect gift, it may be one of my signature beer tap umbrellas, a beer tap bottle opener, or a shift knob umbrella. There are a lot of options so lets make that ideal gift happen!

Three Steps

  1. Select a handle (Beer tap handle, shift knob, etc)

  2. Select a kit or adapter (umbrella kit, bottle opener adapter, display stand)

  3. BOOM! The perfect gift!

Looking for something specific or not sure what to get?
Send me an email at

Harpoon UFO Bottle Openers

Beer Gifts

A couple of our custom beer gifts
While I've only been creating these custom tap handles for a little while I already have customers that are loving them! Here's what a few of them have to say.


Proud new owner of a Boston Marathon umbrella.

"I had days where I didn't want to bring an umbrella with me because I never had one that was fun and interesting, so I wouldn't bring anything at all. I'm so glad I have this umbrella now, it's better than any umbrella I've had and I'm so excited to show it off!"


Random Guy on the T

"Why do you have a phone as an umbrella... oh wait it's not a phone it's a tap handle.. but, that, um still doesn't explain why it's an umbrella"


Generally cool dude

"Ben is great, and I love the umbrella! This was an awesome find."

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