Over the past weekend, the Chicago Cubs were caught “smuggling” Spotted Cow back home at the end of their series in Wisconsin. Someone that just happened to be in the right place at the right time noticed a couple of cases of the beer from New Glarus Brewing on the Cubs’ bus and posted a photo of the stowaway beer on Twitter.

Now is anyone going to get in trouble? Absolutely not, they’re free to take back as much of the coveted beer as they can cram in with the players, New Glarus is just happy that they didn’t take something else… 

While the Cubs may be all clear with their haul of beer there has been some illegal trafficking of New Glarus beer in the past. In 2016 two Minnesota men were charged with a felony when they brought beer from the Wisconsin brewery into their state and sold it at their bar.

In Massachusetts we’ve had our share of smuggling as well. Before Yuengling was distributed in the state it used to be common to bring a case or two back for friends when visiting a state offered beer from the PA brewer. If you didn’t have friends with a connection, there were also a couple of bars in Boston that would sell bottles of the brew.
It’s almost the perfect test before entering a new market, what lengths will your fans go to in order to get your beer?

New Glarus and Yuengling both passed the test.
What other beers are totally smuggleworthy?
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*Original source John Austin (@agoetsch16) originally reported by Tess Klein of WXYZ News.


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