You’re on the hunt for an umbrella. It definitely exists, your friends have one, you just don’t know where to find it. Seems like it should be simple to find an umbrella but there’s a problem. When you’re hunting for an umbrella it might be from a movie, a video game, or just something you saw on the street. This is going to be a quick intro to the most popular umbrellas, where to find them, and where to buy them.

Where to Find Fortnite Umbrellas

Umbrellas that you can find in Fortnite

A few of the umbrellas that you can find or get as part of a special event in Fortnite.

Everyone’s getting in on the Fortnite action. Drake did a live stream on Twitch with Ninja and even Joe Jonas of the Jonas brothers plays the game. When you start out you might just grab the best weapons and be happy with a SCAR or rocket launcher. After you get your guns you’ll realize you need a good glider, and soon enough you’ll be hunting for an umbrella.

There are a bunch of umbrellas in Fortnite but you have to know where to look.
If you want to get the Fortnite Founder’s umbrella you still can. You’ll just need to buy the Save the World pack and after you get your first win you’ll have it. Blamo! Camo umbrella action. Check out for details. Note the Fortnite Founder’s umbrella should not be confused with the Founders Beer Umbrella.

For the other umbrellas like the gold umbrella and the snowflake umbrella, I recommend checking out the Ranking all Umbrellas from Worst to Best video by Bazzaa.

Where to Buy/How to Make the Kingsman Umbrella

Kingsman Gun Umbrella

The gun umbrella from the Kingsman movies.

Ah yes. The Kingsman Series. Movies that are filled with spies, plots for world domination and umbrellas. While Star Wars has movie merch that includes toys, costumes, and games Kingsman decided to double down on their iconic umbrella and partnered with Mr. Porter and Swaine Adeney Brigg to create an official Kingsman Umbrella that you can buy.

The $450 price tag on the umbrella might be a bit of a shock but that doesn’t mean the umbrella is deadly. Because of this the crew over at The Hacksmith figured out a way to make a DIY umbrella that works as a gun. While the design is DIY you should definitely not do this yourself.

Making an Umbrella in Minecraft

While you shouldn’t make your own umbrella gun, you should definitely make your own beach umbrella in Minecraft. Elisha7 posted a nice little walkthrough on Instructables that’ll walk you through the steps of making a beach umbrella and lounge chair in Minecraft. All you need is some blocks, fences, and some slabs. Pop on over and check it out.

Duck Head and Goose Head Umbrellas

Duck head umbrellas don’t have an official movie tie-in, they’re not part of a video game. but they are a classic umbrella. If you’re looking for a duck umbrella you can buy a classy duck,  cheap duck or goose.

For the classy duck umbrella, you’ll want to buy the mallard umbrella by Pasotti. In the US you can buy it from Forzieri and it’ll cost you just a little over three hundred bucks. I haven’t checked out these duck umbrellas in person but they look like they’re quite well crafted.

You can pick up a cheap duck head umbrella on Amazon if you want to go foul without spending a lot of money. These duck umbrellas will cost you about twenty bucks and should be fine… maybe? The reviews of these umbrellas on Amazon aren’t the best and when I’ve seen them before the quality seemed ok but not amazing.

If you want to buy a Goose Island umbrella you can buy them in the RainTaps store. I make these using Goose Island tap handles and the cost and availability will vary depending on the Goose Island tap that is used. They start out around seventy dollars for the smaller Goose Island Umbrellas and can go up to the one hundred forty dollar range for umbrellas with rare Goose Island taps like the golden goose tap handles.

See what I did there? Duck, duck, goose!

I hope that you find the umbrella that’s right for you. If you want to share your tips on where to find umbrellas send me a message.

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