Have you ever had one of those moments where you didn’t notice something because it was hidden in plain sight?
Like when you go to a bookstore and you’re looking for a particular title and you spend twenty minutes looking for it, only to have the clerk tell you that it’s on the best sellers table, right where you walked in.
Or when you’re at a friend’s party and you can’t tell why someone looks so familiar, until you realize that it’s the barista from the cafe downtown.

Now say you’re meeting up with a friend for a beer in Central Square, you’ve got plenty of bars to choose from so the default is to list off a couple of your favorites and pick from them. Do you pick the Field or Green Street? Maybe you’ll hit up Brick and Mortar in case you want to get a cocktail.

And you get sidetracked and wrapped up in a debate over a couple of bars.

Beers on tap at Clover HFI

A selection of local beers on tap at Clover in Central Square

It’s super easy to forget, or not even know that you can grab a beer at Clover, and honestly, their selection is pretty killer. When I was there last night they had brews on draft from Mystic, Jack’s Abby, Aeronaut, hell they even had Farmer Willie’s Ginger Beer! But when you’re thinking about grabbing a beer you’re normally not thinking to yourself “Hey I wonder what that casual vegetarian restaurant has on tap right now?”.


Even when you’re in Clover the tower of tap handles creates just enough cognitive dissonance with the rest of the restaurant that it’s easy for your mind to just entirely ignore it. And you definitely shouldn’t.

Now Clover is never going to be my first choice of places to hole up, reminisce, and throw back a few pints it is one of my beer secrets when I’m with a friend and want to grab a quick bite and a drink. They even have water on tap!

Water tap faucets at Clover HFi

On tap water at Clover in Central Square.

A couple of notes: While in this post I talked about the Clover Central Square location a number of their other locations also serve beer (including CloverHSQ, CloverHUB, CloverKND, CloverLMA) to see their selection check out their Lunch/Dinner menu. They also source all of their beers locally (

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