I swear it was like I was reading Grimm’s Fairy tales. There were stories about little woodland creatures, the mischievous Pukwudgie, a little trouble maker from Wampanoag lore, the Wolfgeist, dark and dangerous beast with glaring eyes, and the Hedley Kow, a shapeshifter playing tricks on English countryfolk. I was flipping through the beer cards at Down the Road Beer co, a new partner of RainTaps.

I didn’t realize how great their tap handles were until I saw them in person. They’re custom made for Down the Road by Craft Handles and they depict a forrest scene with many of the woodland creatures from their beers. I’ve seen a lot of well designed figural tap and this one really stands out because you have a scene within a scene. The individual characters stand out and they also fit well with the theme of the tap.

Down the Road beer tap umbrella

Custom beer tap handle umbrella for Down the Road Beer co

Because of the complexity of this tap umbrellas made from it will only be available for local delivery and shipment by special request. If you have the chance I suggest checking out the Down the Road tap room over in Everett. They have a big open space perfect for events and have the best selection of pinball machines in the area.


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