That’s the goal, I’m just planning on doing it little by little, state by state.
In the end the plan is to have a comprehensive guide to all of the tap handles that are currently being used by breweries.

Maybe you want to be able to spot a draft line at a bar, or you might want to just see the great work that various tap handle crafters are making, right now there’s not a good resource to find out what taps are out there and what they look like.

I’ve started with Massachusetts and I’m in the process of gathering information from the local breweries. I’ll slowly progress to other states and international breweries and with any luck, and the help of a lot of people, we’ll have a good resource to spotting your favorite beers in the wild!

Right now I have a working list of Massachusetts breweries and their tap handle availability. I’ll be updating it with the detailed tap information from the breweries, check out the current guide to tap handles from Massachusetts breweries.

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