It’s that time of year again! Time to tap that keg, or crack open your favorite Oktoberfest beer. Since everyone’s out celebrating you need to have your Oktoberfest gifts ready and have the right accessories for your Oktoberfest outfit.

For gifts, the bottle openers that I make are particularly popular. Most Oktoberfest beers are bottled, because of this, a custom Oktoberfest bottle opener is perfect as a gift when you’re showing up to a party.

If you’re getting dressed up for an Oktoberfest celebration the umbrellas that I make are a perfect accessory. As you may have guessed they work just as well to protect you from spraying beer as they do when keeping you dry in the rain.

To make shopping for Oktoberfest gifts easy I’ve grouped them together in the Oktoberfest section of my online store. In the section you’ll find items from German breweries, Oktoberfest and Octoberfest beers, and other Germanic items. I can also do special orders by request!

Happy festing!

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