International Beer Day 2018 is almost here!
This year Internation Beer Day is falling on August 3rd so it’s time to start preparing to celebrate. With an event as big and global as this it seemed like a great idea to do a tiny little celebration for the twelve days of International Beer Day. For 11 days leading up to and on the day of the celebration I’ll be doing a giveaway of cool beer gifts from Boston, and around the world.

International Beer Day Contest

On each day I’ll post the item you can win on Instagram as well as on the blog. For your chance at winning the beer gift comment on the daily post and fill out the International Beer Day entry form.
The RainTaps Instagram account is

Day 1 – July 23 2018

Beer Gift: Samuel Adams Bottle Sleeve, Bartender’s Bottle Opener, and Lucky Socks.

Details: Sam Adams was my first craft beer and still holds a special place in my heart. I wanted to start out this celebration with a couple of beer gifts from a brewery that’s local, a champion of the craft beer scene and still creates great beer.

International Beer Day entry form:

Where to buy these Sam Adams beer gifts if you don’t win: All of these Sam Adams beer gifts can be bought at the Sam Adams brewery gift shop.

Day 2 – July 24 2018

Beer Gift: Trillium Brewing Logo Hat

Details: Trillium is a local favorite that has found love from craft beer fans around the world. Their brewery is tucked away in the Fort Point neighborhood of Boston. They have plenty of great merch that’s perfect as a beer gift. I opted for one of their Trillium logo baseball hats as the Trillium beer gift for this day.

International Beer Day entry form:

Where to buy this Trillium beer gift if you don’t win: This hat is available at their brewery on Fort Point as well as on the Trillium online store.

Day 3 – July 25 2018

Beer Gift: Guinness Fireman’s Hat

Details: Guinness is the most widely loved beer in the world. While each country may have their own most popular beers Guinness is the one beer that I’ve heard people universally respect. I got this promo Guinness fireman’s hat from another collector. If luck is with you it’ll soon be yours!

International Beer Day entry form:

Where to buy this Guinness beer gift if you don’t win: This Guinness hat isn’t readily avalible for purchase by may occasionally be available through collectors.

Day 4 – July 26 2018

Beer Gift: Night Shift Mosaic Glass!

Details:I love how they’ve always felt like a great neighbor. They’ve got a wonderful tap room where you always feel welcome. They also go out of their way to help other local breweries and even opened up their own distribution business to help get great local craft beer to market. 

International Beer Day entry form:

Where to buy this Night Shift beer gift if you don’t win:

Day 5 – July 27 2018

Beer Gift: Goose Island Golden Goose T-shirt

Details: It’s the Golden Goose!!! My Goose Island umbrella is telling me that I need to hook someone up with this cool shirt. Tell me why you love Goose Island beer and it could be yours. A number of years ago Goose Island became one of my primary backup breweries when I was out at bars. I could always spot the signature goose tap from across the room and I was always pleased with the beer I got.

International Beer Day entry form:

Where to buy this beer gift if you don’t win:

Day 6 – July 28 2018

Beer Gift: Stella Artois Beer Chalice

Details: Ah yes, the Stella Artois chalice. With all the fancy proper glassware for popular craft beer, the Stella chalice should still have a place on your shelf. From the embedded sunburst design on the stem to the gold rim to kiss your lips. Enough about that, if you want one of your own tell me what you love about Stella Artois!

International Beer Day entry form:

Where to buy this beer gift if you don’t win:

Day 7 – July 29 2018

Beer Gift: Miller High Life Camo Hat

Details: High Life is like a good friend that knew you in High School. They’re always around when you need them and they’ll always take you as you are. It’s an industry staple in Boston. The test of a great bar is when you can get a high-end cocktail or craft beer and wash it down with a reasonably priced HIgh Life. Want to get this camo High Life hat? Leave a comment with what the High Life means to you.

International Beer Day entry form:

Where to buy this beer gift if you don’t win:
I know that the hat is camo, it makes it a little sticky to find. That’s cool because all you have to do is follow this link to get a High Life camo hat of your own.

Day 8 – July 30 2018

Beer Gift: Heineken Beer Bottle Soap Dispenser

Details: Remember, drink your Heineken, not the soap! Out of all the big beer companies, Heineken has one of the most laid back and fun loving attitudes. They’re huge promoters of nightlife events and have even done ads telling their drinkers to focus on dancing not drinking.

Why do you love Heineken?
One lucky winner will get this custom dispenser made from a Heineken bottle!

International Beer Day entry form:

Where to buy this beer gift if you don’t win:
The Heineken beer glass soap dispenser is made by Moonstone Craft and they have it listed on Amazon so you can still get the prime hookup. If you want to get this beer gift for yourself or a friend just follow this link!

Day 9 – July 31 2018

Beer Gift: Deschutes Beer Koozies

Details:Get cool with your koozie! Deschutes is the one brewery out west that my friends wouldn’t stop raving about, and with very good reason. I’ve never been to any other brewery with a line up of strong, bold, punchy beers like Deschutes. Whenever I head to Oregon they’re one of my first destinations.

International Beer Day entry form:

Where to buy this beer gift if you don’t win:
You can buy koosies and Deschutes tap handles from… the Deschutes web store! Check out the selection here.

Day 10 – August 01 2018

Beer Gift: Down the Road Hat and Pickle Pint

Details:Did you guess where I was yesterday? I headed over to visit my friends at @dtrbrewery to get some sweet merch for you! Want this DTR hat and pickle pint? Comment with why you love Down the Road and their beers!

International Beer Day entry form:

Where to buy this beer gift if you don’t win:
Well you better hope that you’re a winner because right now the pickle pint is only available at the Down the Road brewery and they’re running pretty low, guess you better hurry over and see if you can snag one!

Day 11 – August 02 2018

Beer Gift: Chimay Beer Glasses

Details:Ah yes, how I love Trappist beers
For the 11th day I opted to head back to Belgium for an always classic, Chimay. I’ve got two of these fine glasses ready for you to fill up with your favorite of their beers, Red, Blue, Cinq Cents, or Doree. When a monastery is creating such great beers for us we have to enjoy them properly!
Why do you love Chimay?

International Beer Day entry form:

Where to buy this beer gift if you don’t win:
Chimay has a number of versions and sizes of their beer glasses available on Amazon. They also offer them occasionally at liquor stores as part of holiday gift packs. Here’s the link to the glasses on Amazon.

Day 12 – August 03 2018 – International Beer Day!!!

Beer Gift: Lowenbrau Vintage Style Beer Sign

Details:Lowenbrau, the first beer my dad introduced me to. 
Tell me how you started your beer journey and you could win this sign! 

International Beer Day entry form:

Where to buy this beer gift if you don’t win:
You can buy this vintage style Lowenbrau beer sign on Amazon, here’s the link!

International Beer Day Contest Rules

The 12 Days of International Beer Day contest is limited to the United States. All participants must be at least 21, of legal drinking age in the location where they reside, and they must be able to participate in promotions of alcohol-related products.

To participate you must follow RainTaps on instagram (, like or comment on the daily post, and submit the contest form.

This contest is not an official Instagram contest. The items given away for this contest were purchased independently by RainTaps and their inclusion in this contest does not indicate any official promotion or sponsorship of the contest by those companies.

Winners must provide a valid shipping address when they are contacted. If we do not hear back from the winners or if they are unable to provide a valid address we reserve the right to find a replacement at out discretion.

Always obey all local laws before participating in this contest.

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