Budweiser has a number of iconic tap handles and they taps have used a number of designs. Typically their tap handles will be similar for the different brands that are part of the company.

I’ll show some examples of their tap handles and provide some context and history about the tap handles when possible.

Budweiser Brands
Budweiser Tap Handles
Bud Light Tap Handles
Bud Dry Tap Handles

Budweiser Tap Handles

Vintage Budweiser Tap Handle - Oval in Lucite

Vintage Budweiser tap handle, oval design in lucite.

Budweiser has partnered with a number of sports leagues. As part of a partnership with the NBA they did custom lucite tap handles for each of the NBA basketball teams.

Budweiser NBA Tap Handle for the Phoenix Suns

Budweiser Beer Tap Handle as part of a basketball partnership with the Phoenix Suns

Bud Light Tap Handles



Vintage Bud Light Beer Tap Handle

Vintage Bud Light beer tap handle. Rectangular shape in lucite.

Bud Light Tap Handle for the Seattle Super Sonics

Vintage Bud Light tap handle for the Seattle Supersonics

Bud Dry Tap Handles

Vintage Bud Dry Beer Tap Handle Rectangular in Lucite

Vintage Bud Dry beer tap handle. Rectangular shape in lucite.