Anchor Steam has some good standard tap handles. Most of the tap handles that. I’ve seen from the brewery use their logo and design with very little decoration. Anchor Steam has some older tap handles that were made with a ceramic design from the 50s. When other companies switched to lucite taps Anchor Steam switched their designs as well. They have long and short versions of their lucite taps.

After their lucite taps, Anchor Steam switched to wooden tap handles. With this wooden design, it has a curved main handle with a three-sided oval design at the top with a metal final.

The current Anchor Steam tap handles have two different versions. There is a short signature tap handle that has a similar design to the previous tap handle with an anchor final. The tall version of the Signature Anchor Steam tap handle has a three-sided rectangular section to show the name of the beer, the rest of the design is the same as the short signature tap handle with the anchor final.

Anchor Steam Tap Handles

Anchor Steam Vintage Lucite Tap Handle

Anchor Steam vintage beer tap handle.

Where to Buy Anchor Steam Tap Handles

Anchor Steam tap handles can be bought through the Anchor Steam online store. The taps are in the Tap Handles, Glasses and Coasters section of the store.

The Anchor Brewing Signature Tap Handle (short) was available for $25.

The Anchor Brewing Signature Tap Handle (tall) is available for $35.

Anchor Steam Beer Gifts from RainTaps

I don’t currently have any custom Anchor Steam beer umbrellas or custom beer gifts available. If you’re interested in an Anchor Steam umbrella or beer gift made using one of their tap handles, fill out a request for an Anchor Steam gift. I’ll confirm availability and give you an estimate on production time.