We’re over halfway through the year and people are already asking what the best beer gifts of 2018 are. Throughout the year there are a lot of times when you might need to buy gifts for the beer lovers in your life, it doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday, work celebration, Christmas or Hannukah there will be something on this list for everyone. I’ve consulted with a group of local beer experts and picked out the best of the best beer gifts. While you can always grab a few beers for your craft beer lovers or get a beer gift basket, we’ve decided to focus on the most interesting and personal beer gift ideas.
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Beer Events
Merch from the Breweries
Beer Making Gifts
Beer Related Gifts
Beer Gifts to Skip

Beer Events

As beer lovers, we take any chance to get up close and personal with the beers and breweries that we love. Beer events are great gifts for beer fans and brewers alike. While we’ve highlighted mostly local events you can always find a similar event near you or up your beer gifting game by planning a trip around the event!

City brew tour
Brewery tours are always a favorite when giving a beer gift. Because breweries are always changing their lineup of beers just waiting a month can make the tour seem entirely new. Most major beer cities will have at least one beer tour operator and a few have multiple.

  • City Brew Tours
    One of the larger brewery tour operators, City Brew Tours runs brewery tours in Boston, NYC, DC, Baltimore, Burlington, Pittsburgh, and Philly.

Beer festival tickets
If you want the breweries to come to you a beer festival makes an excellent gift. While we’ve highlighted some of the broader beer festivals you can also find beer festivals that are perfect for people that love IPAs, sours, Belgian beers, or many other styles. Make sure you plan ahead if you’re buying tickets to a beer festival as a gift, some festivals can sell out months in advance.

Brewery events and classes
There are more events you can go to than just beer festivals. A great twist on a beer event gift is to get tickets to a class or a beer pairing event. We’ve picked a couple of cool ones and you can always check the calendar at your favorite brewery to see what events they’re running.

Merch from the Breweries


Proper glassware

Gift card to the brewery store

Beer Making Gifts

Session at a guided brewing location

Beer making kit

Beer making supplies

Beer making gift card

Personalised Beer Growler

Beer Cooler

Cooking with beer books

City/state beer coasters

Wooden beer koozies

Beer tap umbrella

Wooden state-shaped wall hangings with cap-shaped holes

Beer Cheese

Beer Jams and Jellies

Beer Chocolates

Hops flavored lip balm

Craft beer board game

Craft beer beach towel

Beer Gifts to Skip

Beer notebooks



Jennifer Dunn is an avid beer fest goer, with 1800+ untappd check-ins, and has worked for Slumbrew: Somerville Brewing Company.

Juliana Casale is a digital marketer, former craft beer journalist, and current flavored seltzer enthusiast. You can follow her adventures in Boston via Twitter @attackofthetext

Jason Ng is a Boston beer drinker and co-host of the podcast Somervillain Brewcast; highlighting local breweries around Somerville, MA, and the Northeast region. You can check out his writing and listen to the podcast at

Ben Lewis a beer enthusiast, beer blogger, and creator of RainTaps custom beer tap umbrellas. You can find more of his writing and products on this site.

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