You have a brewery and you make awesome beer, sweet high five!
Now that you’re doing the important part there are a ton of other things you can work on. Branding, logos, promotion, swag… about that swag part if you don’t already have your own tap handles you’ve probably looked into it. When you start having your own tap handles they can make a great item for your fans to pick up, but they’re not going to get a lot of visibility if it’s only displayed when the brew is being poured and that’s where I come in. I can take that fine tap handle and turn it into into a classy umbrella that your fans can carry around or use to decorate their house.
There are a number of different ways that we can partner up:

Exclusive Gifts

If you’re not sure how may tap handle umbrellas you want or if you have a limited supply of tap handles available then you may not want to start by offering them for sale to the public. That’s cool, many tap handles aren’t cheap to make and you don’t want to order more that you need. How I can help you out is by turning the few extra tap handles you have into exclusive gifts for key accounts, investors and other backers of your brewery. This way you can show your appreciation and give them a special way of showing their support.
When this is the case, make a note of how many umbrellas you want to give as gifts before you make your new tap handles. When you start having the new batch of tap handles made give us an update and we’ll coordinate the conversion of the selected taps into custom umbrellas.

Brewery Gift Shop Items

The ideal place for custom tap handle umbrellas is in your brewery gift shop, even if it’s not a rainy day it’s the perfect piece of merch for your fans to pick up before they head home. You have the benefit of not having to deal with shipping and you also have the raw impact of getting the umbrella in the customer’s hands.
If you’d like to start carrying custom tap handle umbrellas in your gift shop contact me with your request and we’ll work out the details for initial order. We’ll cover the quantity of taps to convert, options for delivery of taps and return shipping for the completed umbrellas.

Online Store Gifts

For breweries that don’t have a physical gift shop, or want to supplement their gift shop offerings you can also offer custom tap handles for your brewery online. If you have your own online webstore you can do a process that is similar to a retail brewery gift shop where you provide us with the taps, we convert them into umbrellas and return them back to you.
You can also offer your tap handle umbrellas through our webstore and retail partners. In this case we can work out the locations where you want to offer the umbrellas and we’ll work out the logistics for sales and delivery.

Custom Tap Handles and Umbrellas

For breweries that need their own tap handles we can help you find a partner to produce the custom tap handles in addition to converting them into umbrellas. We have relationships with a number of custom tap makers, primarily in New England, and we can help you find the right craftsman and help you design a custom tap handle to fit your needs.
When you have your custom taps made we can also convert some of the batch into umbrellas that you can offer as gifts, sell at your brewery, or sell through our channels.

Used Tap Handles

We’re happy to work with both new and used tap handles. We prefer to use used (so they’ve served their purpose!) or overstock tap handles so they don’t impact your business. Likewise if there are any used taps that we come across that you’d like to get back all you have to do it let us know!

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