The beer scene in the US and abroad is absolutely huge. There are some breweries that have been around for centuries and others that hundreds of breweries that are opening, closing, and bring bought out every month. It can be hard to track all the information, find out about the most recent tap handes, who’s making them and what beer they’re for.

It can also be very difficult to buy a gift for someone. You need to find out if their favorite breweries have tap handles, maybe you’re trying to find a cool figural tap and don’t even know what beer it’s for. If you were to go to most people and say, I’m looking for a canoe tap they’d shoot you an incredulous look.

I’ve taken it upon myself to start piecing together all the bits of information that I can into a series of guides to help answer a few of the most common questions:
Does this brewery have a tap handle?
Where can I buy this tap handle?
How can I get a tap handle made?
Who made the tap handle that looks like a rainbow/astronaut/bear?
If you have other beer or tap handle information that you want to have answered let me know! It’s not even limited to beer, I’ll be adding information about kombucha, and cold brew taps as I can.

Here’s my current list of beer and tap handle guides:

Where to buy tap handles from the top 50 craft breweries (2017)