Terrapin is a brewery based out of Athens Georgia. The Terrapin name references an animal from the turtle or tortoise group of animals.

The brewery has definitely done a lot to pull references to the Terrapin into their branding including their custom tap handles. If you’re a fan of these animals or any other friendly critters on a half shell you’ll appreciate the attention that they pay when using this hard-shelled beast.

The tap handles from Terrapin all have one prominently displayed as art on the top of the tap, or in the case of their older taps, it’s a little figural at the top of the handle. They also pull in a lot of references to the greenery that the terrapins enjoy with the names of their beers. They have ones like “So Fresh and So Green Green” and “Wake ‘n Bake”… that last one is a reference to a slightly different form of shrubbage.

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Terrapin So Fresh and So Green Green Tap Handle Umbrella

A custom umbrella made from a upcycled So Fresh and So Green Green tap handle from Terrapin brewery.