Beamish Tap Handle Umbrella by RainTaps



Item: Beamish Tap Handle Umbrella
Brewery: Beamish Brewing Company
Beer: Beamish Irish Stout
Tap Handle Version: Traditional Pub Style Tap Handle
Tap Handle Condition: Used
Umbrella Version: Classic/Doorman Umbrella
Notes: These are the standard pub style taps for Beamish Irish stout. Pub style tap handles tend to be durable and sturdy, with this version it has a small shield on the front of the tap where the sticker for Beamish Irish Stout is attached. Because these are used tap handles they will have varying amounts of wear on them and may have small chips or other imperfections.
Availability: This is a special order item. It may be up to five business days before your umbrella is ready to ship.  There may be small variations from the umbrella in the photo and the one you receive.
Shipping: Oversized item. This item comes in an oversized package, keep this in mind when selecting your delivery location. Contact me for international shipping options.

*the Beamish name and all other marks and logos are the property of Beamish & Crawford and their companies. RainTaps and respective companies claim no right to them.

Beamish Tap Handle Umbrella by RainTaps

Beamish Tap Handle Umbrella by RainTaps

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Umbrella Version

Rainbow Doorman Umbrella, Black Classic Umbrella, Rainbow Classic Umbrella


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