RainTaps Shift Knob Umbrella


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Take to the tracks with this stylish shift knob umbrella from RainTaps. This umbrella uses the original design used for the RainTaps beer taps umbrellas and uses a shift knob as the handle instead.

The custom threading on this umbrella is the same threading as is used for tap handles and is also compatible with the different m10 1.5 threaded shift knobs that are offered as handles for the umbrellas.

Available in our popular styles like our city umbrellas, classic umbrellas, and new golf umbrellas, you can find the perfect combination of umbrella and shift knob handle for your needs.

Additional information

Umbrella Style

Black Chicago Classic Umbrella, Black City Umbrella, Black Palm Beach Golf Umbrella

Shift Knob Handle

5 Speed Silver Ball Style Shift Knob, 6 Speed Silver Ball Style Shift Knob, 5 Speed Red JDM Style Shift Knob, 5 Speed Gold JDM Style Shift Knob, 5 Speed Silver JDM Style Shift Knob, 5 Speed Black JDM Style Shift Knob


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