Miller Lite Beer Tap Handle Umbrella


Custom umbrella made from a vintage Sam Adams Double Bock beer tap handle.

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This Miller Lite vintage tap handle has been taken and converted into a custom umbrella.
The tap handle for this umbrella was previously used and has some of the marks and character from it’s previous owner. This tap has a classic vintage design that was used before brewers started regularly using lucite and plastics for the main portion of their tap handles. It used a three faced design with an embedded marker on each with the Lite name.

I’ve paired this tap with one of our larger umbrellas. This is our Doorman style umbrella and you’ll be able to comfortably shield yourself and a friend from the rain… or from the snow.

Miller Lite Vintage Tap Handle Umbrella

A custom umbrella made from a vintage Miller Lite beer tap handle.

*Brewery names and all other marks and logos are property of their respective owners and RainTaps and respective companies claim no right to them.

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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions50 × 5 × 5 in