Michael Shea’s Irish Amber Beer Tap Handle Umbrella

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For this umbrella I’ve used an upcycled tap for Michael Shea’s Irish Amber. This is a beer that’s brewed by Genesee Brewing Company in upstate New York. I can’t say that I’ve ever met Michael Shea but if he’s got half the style of this tap handle I’m sure he’s a great dude.

Since this tap handle is on the larger side I’ve paired it up with our larger umbrella. This is our Classic style umbrella and you’ll be able to comfortably cover you and a friend from the rain.

*all umbrellas are finished by hand. It may be a few days before your order is ready to ship, please email me if you need a rush on your order!

Michael Shea's beer tap umbrella

Umbrella made from an upcycled Michael Shea’s Irish Amber tap handle.


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