Guinness compatible tap adapter – gold


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About the Guinness compatible tap adapter – gold

Standard Guinness tap handles use a nitro tap system, because of this the Guinness beer tap handles are designed to attach to the tap faucet using a locking pin. Most tap handle displays and tap handle adapters are designed to work with regular draft style tap handles that use a 3/8 16 threading.

This custom adapter attaches to the Guinness tap handle using the locking pin (not included) and provides a female 3/8 16 thread so it can be attached to a standard beer tap faucet, tap handle display stand, or tap handle adapter.

Adapter parts

Locking pin connector
Rubber gasket
Gold colored ferrule

Not included:
Locking pin – if you have a tap that is missing the locking pin replacement ones are available from Micromatic


Additional information

Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions2 × 2 × 3 in


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