Blind Box Vintage Tap Handle Mini Umbrella

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This blind box vintage beer tap mini umbrella is the perfect gift within a gift. With this blind box gift, you’ll get to give someone a fantastic new umbrella, and you’ll also have a wonderful surprise because you won’t even know what the tap is until it’s opened. Possible tap handles include ones from Miller, Klassic, Molson, Lucky’s, Widmer, Special Export and more!

This is a limited item that will just be available for the holiday season. All items are on a first come, first served basis and will be selected randomly.

*the brewery names and all other marks and logos are the property of their respective breweries and related companies. RainTaps and respective companies claim no right to them.

Blind Box Vintage Beer Tap Handle Mini Umbrellas

Blind Box Vintage Beer Tap Handle Mini Umbrellas


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Umbrella Version

White Mini/Wedding Umbrella, Black Mini/Wedding Umbrella


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